Tiffani Ashley Bell

Founding Executive Director

The Human Utility

Tiffani Ashley Bell is the Founding Executive Director of The Human Utility, a platform bringing people together from around the world to help people in the United States with their water bills.

The Human Utility has helped over 5,000 people with over $1MM in crowdfunded assistance and is a Y Combinator-backed not-for-profit.

Tiffani was a 2017 Technology & Democracy Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government researching water affordability and designing a water affordability subsidy. She was a 2014 Code for America Fellow. Previously, she was the CEO and Founder of Pencil You In, enabling over 2,000 local businesses to accept appointments online, bringing many of them online for the first time.

Tiffani is a programmer who earned a Bachelor of Science in Systems & Computer Science from Howard University. As a programmer, she has given back to the profession by keynoting numerous technical conferences including two of the largest: the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) and GitHub Universe. In 2015, she presented a paper on the use of programming and data science in designing a water affordability intervention at the Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) conference.

Tiffani graduated in 2021 as a Sloan Fellow from the Stanford Graduate School of Business with a Master of Science in Management. 

Finally, Tiffani is a startup investor with investments in amazing companies such as Finix, Goodr (surplus food), Varuna, and Charityvest, amongst others.