How to Declare

1. Explore the Program.
  • Use the website to explore the program and requirements. Consider whether the Data Science B.S. or the Data Science & Social Systems B.A. would be a better fit for you. 
  • If you’re interested in the program, have questions, or want to learn more, feel free to meet with one of our Peer Advisors or our datasciencemajor-inquiries [at] (SSO).
  • Request to join the mailing list for future data science majors
2. Complete the planning sheet, meet with a peer advisor for plan approval, and take the required classes.
  • Make yourself a copy of the Data Science B.S. Planning Sheet or the Data Science B.A. Planning Sheet. Fill in the grades for classes you’ve already completed, and highlight the classes that you plan to complete in the future. Then, use this information to map out your four-year plan.
  • Meet with one of our peer advisors to go over your planning sheet. Ask them questions about the program, course sequencing, electives, inside tips, and anything else you’re curious about.
  • Prior to declaring the Data Science B.S., students should have taken 2 of the required Math courses (51-52-53) and either have taken or are currently enrolled in STATS 116 or Math 151 (or another Statistics core course).
    • Note that students are required to have a GPA of 3.0 to graduate.  Students with less than a B average upon declaration will be asked some additional questions and may have their major declaration held. Major declarations will not be approved if a student has an outstanding Incomplete on their transcript.
3. Share your planning sheet with the Student Services Team, make an appointment with the SSO, and declare in Axess.
  • Share your planning sheet with our Student Services Team, which includes Amanda (aekuhn [at] and LaShanette (lbreazel [at] (lbreazel@, before you meet with them. Please give them editing privileges. 
  • Use this link to schedule a meeting with the SSO. It will be an informal meeting during which we talk more about the program, go over your Data Science planning sheet, talk about connecting you with a faculty advisor, and address any questions. 
  • Declare your major in Axess.
4. Keep us updated.
  • Keep your Data Science planning sheet updated throughout your time at Stanford. After each quarter, enter your grades into this sheet. If one of your class selections changes, please make that change on this sheet too.
  • Feel free to meet with the datasciencemajor-inquiries [at] (SSO) or your Data Science faculty advisor at any point to check in or ask questions.